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'Twas The Night Before Christmas (White House Style)

'Twas The Night Before Christmas (White House Style)


‘Twas the night before Christmas and in the White House,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that a tax plan soon would be there.

The holiday treats were stale and bland,

After Mrs. Obama had sugar plums banned.

The president was sleeping – for the hour was late,

He was tired and groggy, like the Denver debate.

He dreamed of the year and his bruising campaign,

Romney was tougher, it seems, than McCain.

With the economy weak and the jobless rate high,

Mitt made his case as the best fix-it guy.

Republicans eyed victory – there was change in the air,

In Tampa, Clint Eastwood conversed with a chair.

Romney rose in the polls and enjoyed his ascent,

But, oh, how he stumbled with “47 percent.”

Challenges abound in this new second term,

A Susan Rice pick could be tough to confirm.

Obamacare won with John Roberts at the wheel,

But the birth control mandate remains under appeal.

There’s John Boehner, of course, and their partisan tiff,

That threatens to drive us straight over the cliff!

With a Cabinet shuffle and more slots to fill,

He listed off changes, but held doubts for the Hill:

“It’s goodbye to Hillary, Panetta, and Tim;

And David Petraeus – now who’ll follow him?”

Suddenly, on the South Lawn, there arose such a clatter,

Obama looked up to see what was the matter.

Then what did appear, to wondering eyes?

But a man of great stature — and considerable size.

His eyes – how they twinkled! His dimples how merry!

His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!

Chubby and plump and his eyes a bit misty,

There stood New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

He had come from the coast, badly battered by Sandy,

Seeking FEMA assistance and some holiday candy.

Christie praised POTUS for keeping Jersey afloat,

A far cry from his GOP convention keynote.

Riding high in the polls, Christie’s eyes held a gleam,

Was he thinking of running in 2016?

A White House bid comes at quite a high price,

So the president offered some political advice.

And I heard him exclaim, though it sounded absurd:

“Merry Christmas to all! And don’t mess with Big Bird!”

Obama Concedes Obamacare a 'Tax'

At a campaign speech this evening in Roanoke, Virginia, President Obama seemed to concede that his signature legislation, Obamacare, is in fact a "tax."

"Six million young people who did not have health insurance can now stay on their parents' plan and get health insurance," President Obama said, touting Obamacare, according to a rush transcript. "Seniors are seeing their prescription drug costs go down and, by the way, if you have health insurance, you are not getting hit by a tax."

The implication is obvious: Since those who "have health insurance ... are not getting hit by a tax," it seems to follow that those who do not have health insurance will get hit by a tax under Obamacare.

The central tenet of Obamacare is the individual mandate, which requires all Americans to have health insurance.

Last month the Supreme Court upheld most of Obamacare, and ruled that the individual mandate is a constitutional under Congress's power to tax Americans.

But, since the Supreme Court weighed in, President Obama and his team have mostly avoided calling Obamacare a tax, and suggest that it is instead a "penalty," a semantic distinction that would allow President Obama, the thinking goes, to have kept his promise not to raise taxes on those earning under $250,000 per year. 

So either tonight was a slip up by the president, or it's a signal that he's ready to begin calling Obamacare what it is--a tax.

Where have our manners gone?

Once upon a time in the distant past (about 3 to 5 years ago) it was considered rude to do things such as text during class, while driving, or even during sex. Unfortunately, our addiction to these little devices in our pockets has made many of us begin to ignore the old cellular taboos that kept us polite, focused, and safer.

To many, it has gotten completely out of hand. To others, it’s just a fact of life, a natural transition to a world where nothing is too sacred to exclude the use of cell phones. There’s a reason why 1 in 5 people have dropped their cell phone in the toilet. An estimate 247.5 million cell phones have been used in the bathroom. Where have our common sense manners gone?

Beauty Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

I'm worried how the media is affecting our young girls. Magazines such as 'Seventeen' and the TV shows that are targeted to young girls show ads and stories with models so skinny they look anorectic; giving girls the impression that there is something wrong with them if they don't look that way. This is causing an epidemic of girls as young as 8 or 9 to starve themselves long before their bones and muscles have fully developed; leading to other medical problems as they grow older. Many times their parents are completely unaware of what these children are doing to themselves at such a young age. We need to teach our Grand daughters, daughters and nieces that true beauty comes from within and in all shapes and sizes.

Illegal Immigration in America

Illegal aliens who break the law by crossing our US border without proper documentation or by overstaying their visas should be deported and not rewarded with a quick path to citizenship, access to social services or the right to vote. Our Gov't refuses to do anything about it because Democrats see them as a new voting block and Republicans see them as a source of cheap labor for their fat-cat, big corporate re-election contributors. I argue that illegal aliens are criminals and a major social and economic burden to all law-abiding, tax-paying Americans.

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